2nd Anual Trails Conferance Highlights

The conference held May 18 – 20 at Galena Park was a huge success. It was a great opportunity to learn more about all aspects of trail building from planning and advocacy to layout and construction. Attendees were split into 3 groups based on experience: beginner, advanced, and crew leader. All groups got a healthy dose of both classroom lectures and hands on field work.

On Sunday the crew leaders tested their skills by leading the beginner class, building a new section of the Brown’s Creek Trail for Washoe County. The work session was successful with almost 2000′ of new trail being constructed in about a 1/2 day. The Poedunks will be returning June 9 to help The Tahoe Rim Trail and Truckee Meadows Trail Association to complete this project. More info will be posted here soon.

Members of the advanced trailbuilding class led by Tahoe Rim Trail Crew Leaders built the start of this impressive rock staircase down to Marylin’s Pond using native stone. Weighing up to 2,000 lbs, these boulders were moved by humans with rock bars and were set without mortar. There is no doubt that this section of trail is now considered sustainable and may last hundreds of years.

The conference was also a great opportunity to meet land managers and volunteer leaders from Nevada and California. Feedback from the land managers emphasized the growing demand for trails and recreational resources while budgets are dwindling to almost nothing. Partnerships with local advocacy groups such as the Poedunks are more important than ever.

I also picked up this scary tid bit from the Forest Service the 4 greatest perceived threats to public lands

  1. Urban Encroachment
  2. Wild-land Fire
  3. Noxious Weeds
  4. Unauthorized Recreational Trails (i.e. bootleg trails)

The solution is simple…look in the mirror.


Entrail Progress

Entrial Rehab and Realignment Progresses, May 22, 2007, Poeville, NV:

Dale and I met with Eric Crump the District Ranger to discuss our proposed improvements to the Entrail. Eric had no opposition to the flagged alignment, and he is going to seek approval by his supervisor and the Rancho San Rafael Advisory Board.

It is very exciting to be involved in this process. When built, the Entrail will be an example of mountain bikers stepping up with a solution that not only enhances the riding experience but also promotes sustainability.

Thanks to the dhreno crew and everyone else that has helped in the preliminary layout of the trail. We hope to break ground sometime in June and, with your help, work throughout the summer. I will have copies of our final proposal for review on Thursday night.


Brown’s Creek Trail

The Galena Cycling Club has been building a new trail in south Reno. This last weekend Randy attended a Tahoe Rim Trail sponsored seminar during which they worked on some new sections of that trail. He’s offered to take us on a tour of that trail.

Please join us for a nice casual ride with a little bit of trail-geekery, news of the progress on the new Entrail (N-Trail), and beers @ the end on Thursday. We’ll meet up @ the Galena West Trailhead by the NDOT station off the Mt Rose Hwy (S.R. 341) at 5:45 p.m..


Trails Training Opportunity

Space is still available for The 2nd Anual Regional Trails Training May 18-20 @ Galena Creek State Park.

This program is hosted by the good folks at The Tahoe Rim Trail Association and provides beginner, advanced and leadership training opportunities plus a special trail layout and design session led by California State Park trail guru Karl Knapp and a Mountain Bike Trail session led by Garrett Villanueva of The lake Tahoe Management Unit of The USFS. I encourage anyone interested in trail building to attend if they can. If you can’t make it don’t worry I will be sharing my experience here and on the trail.



Eric rocking out

One of our first projects is to rehabilitate what is known and the Collegiate Trail that descends from above the “N” into the Entrail(N-Trail) which cuts under the “N.” This trail is currently used for UNR races and the Peavine Challenge race. It was never officially built and though it is cool and popular it is generally agreed that it needs to be brought up to standard to be sustainable.

Don Moorehouse Rolling the rocks at the top.

We have flagged out a new route from the Electrical tower down about half way to the Entrail. Randy estimates a 1/3 increase in trail length over that stretch. Eric, and others had test ridden it and feel that it will me much more fun. Dale and Randy feel that if the County gives us a go ahead we can complete at least that section before the Peavine challenge race in June.

This is an ongoing effort with which we will need your help on the ground. Please stay tuned to this blog for updates on when we will be out working.