Poedunk Name Change

We have been discussing some changes to our bylaws in conjunction with becoming an IMBA Chapter in the near future.  With these changes, now would be a good time to change our name as well.  We get asked a lot – “What is a Poedunk?” and while all of us agree that it is  a neat name related to the history of Peavine,  outside our group, it is relatively unknown.  With the potential for several local projects coming up that are not on Peavine, we felt it was important to have a name that better reflected the broader geographic area as well as specifically described our activities.  We have been discussing options and narrowed it down to the following suggestions:

Reno-Tahoe Trail Stewards
Reno Area Mountain Bike Association
Northern Nevada Mountain Bike Association 
Reno Trails Alliance
Biggest Little Trail Stewardship

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Dale Beesmer

Dale Beesmer is 2011 President of The Poedunks.

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