Spring 2014 USFS / Poedunk Trail Projects Underway

Over the next two weeks, work will be occurring here at Middle Keystone, the Kings Row Trailhead area, and on Bacon Strip. Because the machine roughs in trail much faster than the volunteers doing the finish work, there will be sections of new trail that may remain roughed in for a period of a couple weeks. Please stay off of those sections until they are finished. People packing in those sections before the finish work will create more work for the finish crews and slow down the overall completion. Those people will have bad trail karma and will flat twice on every ride.

Tentative schedule of Volunteer Trail Days:
-Sunday, Feb 23- Middle Keystone
-Sunday, March 2- Kings Row
-Sunday, March 9- Meet at West Keystone for Bacon Strip
-Sunday, March 16-TBA
-Sunday, March 23- Meet at West Keystone for Bacon Strip


Published by

Dale Beesmer

Dale Beesmer is 2011 President of The Poedunks.